International transportation

Company Alus Grupp carries out transportation by land, sea, air and rail.

Expert knowledges of specialists, experience in the optimization of export/import routes and types of transport, access to special vehicles, a network of reliable partners worldwide – all these are key factors to the success of the organization of the international multimodal transportations of cargoes. Since 2006 we have transported thousands of large-capacity containers worldwide. 

Our services:

  • Door to door delivery of cargoes by land in Europe, Russia and the CIS
  • The optimization of various different types/combinations of transport taking into account new routes and improving existing routes
  • Air service – Alus Grupp will carry out delivery of cargoes by air in/from Europe and North America for further processing and delivery to the customer
  • Delivery of the container from the warehouse of your foreign supplier to the door of your warehouse in any point of Russia and the CIS. Without overloading/reloading, using an optimum combination of sea, railway and land transport
  • Insurance of cargoes
  • Customs agency services
  • Sea container transportations. We work with the largest international companies what allows us to carry out transportation of cargo all over the world (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Australia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the USA, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Finland, etc.)
  • Tracing of cargo throughout the journey

Dangerous cargoes

Transportation of dangerous cargoes is carried out according the regulations set by the Contract of the European states about international transportation of dangerous cargoes by land (ADR) and by sea (IMO).

The following types of dangerous cargoes are accepted for transport when appropriately packaged and labeled:

  • Perfume and cosmetic goods
  • Aerosols, household and industrial goods
  • Paint, varnish and building materials
  • Fertilizers
  • Other chemicals

For transportations of dangerous cargoes certificated vehicles are used. Carriers possess permit to transport dangerous cargoes; drivers of land transportation have the corresponding admission.

The consolidated cargoes

Alus Grupp transports the consolidated cargoes from every corner of the globe in sea containers (LCL) and by land.

Representatives of the company accept the dispatched goods and unite it with the cargoes of our other clients. Then regular modes of transport by air and land will send the goods to the customers. The regularity of our transportation will allow us to deliver your cargo without any delay and we carry out constant control over the movement of your goods.

Oversized goods

We offer our clients transportation of large-sized and heavy cargoes by various types of transport:

  • Special low-frame platforms on land transportation
  • Vessels
  • Railway platforms

For transportation of oversized goods we arrange all necessary permissions according to instructions of supervising bodies, a suitable route is developed and all transportation is coordinated. If necessary we organize the support of patrol motor vehicles.

Customs registration

When dealing with customs we offer services such as clearing of the goods and realization of customs formalities in Europe, Scandinavia and Russia. Our skilled experts will help you to find the best method for registration of your cargo. Customs services of Alus Grupp include:

  • Registration of customs declarations import/export
  • Closing of the European export
  • Registration for the consignor by proxy
  • Granting of customs guarantees for transit cargoes
  • Full customs clearing of cargo in the European Union and Russia
  • Pre-calculation of customs costs of the goods and amount of customs duties of the goods
  • Release in the free reference
  • Registration CMR, TIR (including electronic registration), T1 and other customs documents
  • The Organization of sanitary/veterinary examination and registration of corresponding documents
  • Registration of certificates of origin and assurance of price-lists in Estonian Commercial and Industrial Chamber
  • Registration in a free customs area of Estonia
  • Change of the owner in a free customs area